School is about to start and I found this at a playground:
“fck school”
A lot has to go wrong before this happens.
So to avoid this, here is a way to look at education, at school, at classes in school: look at it like a team sport.
Cooperation is crucial for learning. Learning is the combination of individual effort and group effort. Playing is crucial for learning. Fun and motivation is crucial. A sense of competition is helpful. So is a goal. Children engage in all these things in their spare time. They do it, because they want to. Let’s bring all this into our classrooms.

So let’s not have individual players in a class. but individual players in a sports team. Everyone has a favourite postion. Everyone has individual strenghts and weakneases. And everyone is needed, to win the match. Let’s make every player a little better every day. Let’s win as a team.  Maybe even be better than the other teams, in a fun and sportive way. Maybe pick a team name, a code of arms, team colours.

Don’t fck school. Fck relegation. We are gonna fight relegation as a team.  Our team is going to have a great season.  Don’t be a teacher. Be a manager; a coach.  Don’t be a student. Be a striker, midfielder,  defender or goalkeeper.  And lets go out and play.


The struggle of class against class is a football struggle


Professional football managers analyse every aspect of their players. They keep close track of their abilities, achievements and goals. They have training sessions in which every player is involved. And they have training sessions just for defenders. And they have training sessions for an individual player. Player development is much more professional and efficient in professional football than it is in education. This is because there is a lot of money involved in professional football. But should we not put just as much effort into our children’s education?


The whole team shares responsibility. A striker is not going to look down on a defender, because he does not score as many goals. A player is not gonna be chucked out of the team, because he made a wrong pass. Deficits are part of the game and a starting point for improvement.

Some players play Bundesliga. Others go on to play Champions League. Some few are going to win the World Cup. Let’s bring out the best in every player.


Important lessons can be learned through sports. And football can teach us how to teach.

Of course this is only the basic idea, a starting point to develop a sports- based approach to teaching and handling classes and even to invent new technological appliances. Looking at sports and especially looking at professional football can go a long way. Tell me what you think so far. Do you have ideas for it? Or similar approaches? Go tell me by clicking here.



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